"I found Mr. Ludmer to be extremely knowledgeable about alienation. He knew how to diagnose it, and strategies how to combat it so the children had a chance to have both parents in their lives. Because of his astute knowledge, he was able to assist my attorney in the states. Mr. Ludmer was a valuable asset in the ugly world of parental alienation."

Steve Lichaw

"Compassion is not a word often associated with the legal profession. However, you will find it in abundance with Attorney Brian Ludmer. He is an internationally renowned attorney for parental alienation cases. Brian works tirelessly to educate mental health and legal professionals about the issues surrounding parental alienation He has been successful in reuniting countless parents and children separated by adversarial divorce. Brian has dedicated many hundreds of hours to make a difference in the lives of children globally. PAAO USA is proud to be affiliated with this courageous, competent, compassionate attorney who works towards what is the best for you and for your children."

Jill Egizii
President, PAAO USA

"Mr. Ludmer and his team were extremely compassionate and understanding of my situation with ex-wife and my teenaged children and demonstrated profound depth in their knowledge on successfully resolving difficult cases like mine. Through his strategy and efforts I was able to gain access to my children - this seemed an impossibility before I approached Mr. Ludmer. I now enjoy seeing my children regularly. Mr. Ludmer is very effective in the field of Family Law particularly in dealing with cases involving children; he dedicates all of his time towards the cause of reuniting children with their parents. I have never seen a more hard- working person - he is truly a gem in his field and an invaluable asset to the Canadian society."

Cambridge, Ontario

"I have known Brian Ludmer as a business lawyer for over 20 years. During that time he has acted for me or companies I have been associated with on a broad range of business law matters including commercial agreements subordinated debt, reorganization and general corporate commercial matters. Brian always exhibits the highest standards in terms of the quality of his work, his client service and his integrity. His understanding of business and of finance has been notable. I have experience with many other lawyers however, I always prefer to work with Brian wherever possible because of both the quality of work and the overall client experience. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking Business Law advice"

Howard Winick

"Brian is a great family lawyer who looks out for you and your children 1st. I would say his main purpose is establishing what is right for the child(ren) and how they will do best in various situations. He is very educated on the legal aspects of complex family cases but even more on the emotional and psychological parts that are usually involved in these matters. I not only got expert legal advice promptly every time I needed it but another perspective based on his experience and expertise to manage the emotional sides especially keeping the focus on what was best for my son. I was a client of Brian's for approximately 3 years in a very difficult complex and high conflict case that he managed with complete professionalism and confidence. We never went to trial even though his experience there is one of the best if it is needed. I am glad to have met and worked with him and would highly recommend him especially for someone with difficult cases that need a resolution."

Brad Schultz
Mississauga, Ontario

"Working with an impossible ex-wife in a dysfunctional family law system Brian Ludmer and his team were there for my children and I when most lawyers would have just given up. It was during our most dark and hopeless times of this ordeal that Brian and his team continued to help and they got us to a place where we could find hope and start to rebuild our lives. I am forever grateful."

David Stitt
Burlington, ON

"Brian's approach and due diligence on my complicated cross-border case lead to the most positive outcome I could have hoped for. I had worked with several lawyers before Brian, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and in the end, making no conclusive progress. I did extensive research to find Brian and can say that his tireless efforts, leadership and expertise on my case lived up to all the testimonials that led me to him. Not only did he successfully navigate the complicated world of International family law, he also leveraged his extensive knowledge of Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) to make excellent recommendations every step of the way. Now, four years after the conclusion of my case, my family is still reaping the benefits of the seeds Brian planted. His counsel also lead to outside advisement from a child and family therapist and a parental-coordinator/mediator who have each made a profound impacts on our family's well-being. In some cases, like mine, a winning outcome is managing to find a finale that stops the courthouse dramatics and threats and instead leads to family health and healing. Brian gave that to us, and for that, I cannot begin to communicate my gratitude. If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with Brian, (and I would be remiss if I didn't mention his team who were absolutely integral to this success), I guarantee you will be in great hands."

David Campbell

"I have had the opportunity of working with Mr. Brian Ludmer on a number of very important legal issues related to my personal Family file. In each case Mr. Ludmer has displayed a high level of professionalism, integrity ,character and focus on ensuring all aspects of my file were handled diligently and in a timely fashion. I have referred other colleagues to him and will continue to do so as they have confidentiality indicated to me that Mr. Ludmer continues to operate a growing and extremely well-respected Family Law practice ."

Neil Stewart

"Mr. Brian Ludmer has been a tremendous asset to our organization. ISNAF is a non-profit group based in Los Angeles, CA that assists targeted parents by providing comfort, hope, and education. Our in person support group meetings, seminars, research, and referrals to the top family law attorneys, psychologists, and evaluators are a key to our membership. Brian has been instrumental in the education of how alienating parents can "game the system" to their advantage, and how the legal system typically fails the targeted parent. He has been a regular speaker at our annual conferences, and brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and a practical approach to litigating against an alienating parent. His approach to resolving conflict is excellent, as he is able to be stern when necessary, and use the kid gloves at the appropriate time."

George Ross
Co-President, International Support Network for Alienated Families

"As a family lawyer with a substantial practice representing fathers I have been gratified to collaborate with Brian Ludmer. His knowledge of the law and precedent materials for parental alienation cases is notable and highly regarded. I saw Brian speak at the 2009 Canadian Symposium for Parental Alienation and his speech was well received. I know that he continues to devote his time and energy to fostering education and advocacy in respect of seeking a solution for parental alienation and supporting legislative change to foster equal shared parenting"

Carey Linde
Lawyer, www.divorce-for-men.com

"The day I contacted Brian was the first relief I have felt in years to find a lawyer who truly cares. When I deal with Brian in my case I find that he understands what I am going through and he truly cares about my case to help me not be totally bankrupt in the end. I would recommend Brian Ludmer and have total trust with his competency and great knowledge of family law and business law."

Highly recommended by Lenn Curtis Windsor , Ontario.

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